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Krispey Hand Cooked Crisps
The easy way to produce delicious flavoured crisps
Serve hand cooked potato crisps
6 usual flavours or more
Plus special flavours e.g. red thai, chinese rib, chilli & lime
80 - 100gms serve costs under 30p sells for £1.50
Can be sold with a dip pot e.g. chilli & tomato, creamy garlic & herb
CE certified equipment
Ideal for car boot, markets, shopping malls, shows
Packaging system soon available, sell to retail outlets and pubs
Small fryer & hopper unit for takeaways etc
Carts, hand carts, towable carts & trailers available
Take the following easy steps to produce a hand cooked crisp that customers will come back for time and time again!
1. Fill the crisp fryer with oil and ignite the fryer with the ignitor on the gas control
2. Once the fryer has reached temperature place the washed potatoes in the hopper. Turn the handle whilst lightly pressing on the pusher. The rotating cutter will cut the potatoes into crisps so that they drop straight into the fryer.
3. Swivel the lid and hopper away from the fryer so that you can see the crisps frying. Stir the crisps and turn frequently. Once the crisps are golden brown remove them from the oil with the crisp scoop and place in crisp tray.
4. When cool scoop the crisps into a grease proof bag and shake on one of the Krispey Crisp delicious flavours and serve. Alternatively serve with a delicious dip in a dip pot.
N.B. Always use good quality oil and the right season potato such as Maris Piper, Maris Bard, and Maris Bard add Rozetta, Lady Fayre, Caesar and Premier(your potato merchant should be able to advise you).