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The TRAVELCHEF range of Mobile Catering Equipment for the professional Mobile Caterer. Quality and economy with latest safety features.


. Folded plate - no dirt trap

  • Gas tap with flame adjustment
  • Fat drawer and down drain pipe
  • Stainless steel plates to order
  • Front fat run allows full use of the plate
  • .

    Plate Dimensions 600mm x 425mm
    two burner
    750mm x 425mm
    two burner
    900mm x 425mm
    three burner
    1200mm x 425mm
    four burner

    Bains marie

  • Stainless steel pots & lids
  • Gas tap with flame adjustment
  • Flame failure
  • Removable tank
  • Laser cut holes (round only)
  • 2 pot square wet/dry well 2 pot round wet/dry well
    4 pot square wet/dry well 4 pot round wet/dry well
    6 pot square wet/dry well 6 pot round wet/dry well
    Dimensions 4 Pot Square Bains Marie
    H 370mm
    W 352mm
    D 556mm
    Bains Marie

    chip fryer

    2 Basket Counter Top Chip Fryer
    with full thermostatic control

  • High rated thermostat
  • Flame failure
  • Over-ride fixed stainless steel safety stat
  • Oil drain valve
  • Dimensions H 450mm

    chip scuttle

    Steel Hinged Lid Chip Scuttle
    ideal for the mobile caterer to use alongside the chip fryer

  • Gas tap with flame adjustment
  • Flame failure
  • Stainless Steel tank
  •  Dimensions H 450mm
    W 442mm
    D 414mm
    Chip Scuttle

    Fish and Chip Range

    Superb quality/price performance High quality stainless steel workmanship has created a Fish & Chip Range that gives the mobile caterer - QUALITY, SAFETY AND PERFORMANCE AT AN ECONOMIC PRICE

  • High rated temperature control
  • Safety thermostat
  • High output burner
  • Drain Valves on Fryer
  • Dimensions 2 Pan Range
    H 1400mm
    W 1265mm
    D 800mm
    3 Pan Range
    H 1400mm
    W 1650mm
    D 800mm
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